Car Show Spotlights / Mopar Monday

Does your car sing?

1967 Plymouth Barracuda


This car appeared in my 12 days of Hot Rods list, but it deserves a little more attention than a list entry. Of the cars shows I attended in 2015, the Steel Days car show was the most impressive with the quality of cars there. This car would have easily won an award if I were handing them out.

The Plymouth Barracuda didn’t really come into its own until 1970 as you had to truly muscle your way through the crowd of pony cars trying to be king of the Muscle Car Era. However, the fast back design of this second generation ‘Cuda with its beautiful, sporty paint job and flashy emblems grabbed my attention.

Barracuda emblemIt may only have a small block Mopar engine, and I haven’t heard its engine purr. However, this model name will always be associated with one of my favorite classic rock songs.

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