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The Trifecta

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been gearing up for a busy Saturday. I am happy to report, that I attended THREE car shows this weekend! Yep. If you refer to my wishlist itinerary for this year, you’ll notice a conundrum of three shows on the same day. I initially thought I would have to choose which would get skipped. However, as the day progressed I felt I had more time since the entries and attendance was low at each show. I was able to enjoy each thoroughly by starting out with the first show early in the morning and finishing the last by mid afternoon.

I only captured images of roughly 80 cars total, but the new variety was great. I got to attend two car shows that I hadn’t been to before, and one I attended only once two years ago. I’ll give a report on each one in the coming days.


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