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UVU Auto Expo 2017

Mustang rowI really enjoy heading to the first car show of the summer season, and I believe that I have begun a tradition of starting it off with this annual show. I’ve attended the last three years in a row, and I’ve enjoyed every year.

Every show does bring new entries and its regular participants. One drawback from attending all the local car shows is that you begin to start seeing the same cars from the enthusiasts who go to every show, which is awesome for prolonging the tradition of each show. However, this takes away from the new material opportunities unless a magically lit and staged snapshot presents itself.

Annually there is regular commitment from the Mustang club, Freedom Vehicle Association, other brand clubs, and several vendors. Several clubs across the state are invited each year, and their sporadic attendance does provide me with some variety and anticipation as to which new club will show up. New clubs = New cars = New photos!


A custom audio vendor brought a few cars to show off their work. (Lotus 2-Eleven & Honda NSX)

Another difficulty of taking candids from this show is the crowds. I usually try to avoid getting strangers in the pictures, but car show etiquette is lacking among some. I had a teenager literally walk right in front of me while I was crouching and about to snap a shot. A few bystanders shook their heads in dismay at the teen while I gave a burning scowl.

1960 VW Karmann Ghia.JPG

1960 Karmann Ghia & 1959 Fiat 600

This year’s show had nice sunny weather which draws a big crowd, but I preferred the scenery and overcast lighting from my first trip when it was held at a grassy park instead of the school parking lot. The trees and bright sun don’t make for magazine quality photos. I have shots for about 100 of the 200+ cars. Look for those coming soon!

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