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McLaren and Me

So, I’m sitting at home watching the Mighty Car Mods episode from Cuba when my buddy calls. He says, “You’ll never guess what car I’m standing in front of by Zion’s Bank.”
My first guess was a BMW i8, for obvious reasons. He said no.
I then guessed, “Ferrari?!”
“Nope. Cooler. Think supercar.”


He’s not as car literate as I am, but he finally revealed it was a McLaren but couldn’t identify the model. I live only a handful of blocks from the bank, so I put shoes on and started hoofing it to see if I could snap a few pictures before the owner would take off in his/her ride. This is what I came upon.


It’s not coincidence that I recently posted this as my #2 car I’d like to test drive, but could never afford. I also suspect that the owner of this vehicle owns or traded in that BMW i8 I saw parked in this same location one year ago. Needless to say, my personal Facebook profile pic was changed to a selfie: McLaren and Me. I’ll spare you from my ugly mug. Here’s some more pics.



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