Wishlist Wednesday

Cars I’d like to test drive, but could never afford #2

#2 McLaren 570GT


2017 MSRP base 570 price: $184,900

Delivery of the 570 series cars began in late 2015 with over a 1,000 orders placed after being unveiled at the New York International Auto Show earlier that year. McLaren did deliver over 1,600 cars last year, although the distribution of models is unknown. Meanwhile the 675LT was sold out, and the last P1 car was delivered. The Sport Series models are estimated to account for two-thirds of sales for 2017.

Although the top two spots on this list are newer models and are most likely not to be available on the used market any time soon, I am considering the opportunity that a dealership would allow potential new customers an opportunity to test drive a showroom model before sending in their order (there is a six month waiting list for the 570S). The ethics of pretending to be able to afford such a vehicle just to get a test drive is not the topic of discussion here.

Why I’d test drive this car:

There are obvious other McLaren offerings I’d prefer, however this model is the exact description of what this list is all about: a high end sports car or entry level supercar.

This may be the entry level vehicle from McLaren, but that also means that the creature comforts and details found here are just the beginning of what you’ll find in the Super Series and Ultimate Series cars. Performance is here too with the familiar twin turbo 3.8L V8 engine that is tuned to, you guessed it, 570 metric horsepower.

Relatives I’d rather drive:
Any McLaren with a designation that ends in 1.

mclaren-is-reportedl_800x0wGrandpa, the F1. This car defines supercar in my mind. There may have been others before and many since, but this is the sexiest high performance car I associate with “supercar.”

mclaren-p1-fireblackThe big brother, the P1. The only offering in the Ultimate Series and consequently sold out, the P1 is a hybrid, rear wheel drive car that produces 904 bhp. One third of all the models sold were delivered to the US.


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