Wishlist Wednesday

Cars I’d like to test drive, but could never afford #4

#4 Aston Martin DB9


2016 MSRP $198,250

The DB9 is coming to an end after its introduction in 2004 being replaced by the 2016 DB11. As the DB11 has yet to meet the 1,000 units available requirement (rather they’re most likely all pre-sold), I’ve chosen the model that saved Aston Martin from its separation from Ford.

Why I’d test drive it:

Aston Martin is one of the five remaining members of the 12 Cylinder club, meaning it’s still producing its own 12 cylinder engine for use in its supercars. Aston Martin has also become synonymous with grand touring since the James Bond movie franchise imbued its Hollywood glamour on the DB5.


No one has ever called an Aston Martin ugly. Have you noticed that Ford also had a similar grill design on its premium models for several years after the break up? I guess Ford misses its sexy mistress.

Gorgeous styling, V12 power, GT performance. What more do you need to convince you to get behind the wheel?


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