Wishlist Wednesday

Cars I’d like to test drive, but could never afford #10

They say you should never meet your heroes, because when you do you find out that they’re not exactly as you dreamed them to be. The same could be said for dream cars, however some heroes really are as awesome as you think they are. I’ve had a dream car list like everyone else for years, and I always liked the idea that it was always a dream and an aspiration. This Wednesday Wishlist is the list of cars I’m willing to meet hoping everything that was ever said about them is not just a fairy tale.

Just to recap, there are criteria for this list which goes as follows: factory car intended for the street and not the track, base model price $75,000 – $250,000, one model per manufacturer, and at least 1,000 examples built. One exception on the list can be one of those rental supercars you can find in the major cities.

#10 Cadillac CTS-V


MSRP: $85,000

In production since 2004, and well over 10,000 sold.

Sibling I’d rather have: Chevrolet SS

This Cadillac marked the attempt from an American manufacturer to rival the executive/ luxury sedan market dominated by BMW, Audi, and Mercedes, most notably in the past three years. The newest third generation model will include the supercharged LT4 engine from the C7 Corvette among its engine options. That alone warrants a test drive!

As noted above by preferred sibling, there are some entries on the list that didn’t make it due to the stringent guidelines. The Chevy SS doesn’t make this list due to it’s market availability and list price. I had to appeal to the richer, older uncle.chevy-ss


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