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The 12 hot rods of Christmas 2016

There are hundreds of calendars with hot rods on them, and this is by no means an attempt at creating one of those!

Here’s the final list of the 12 days of Hot Rod with links and a slideshow.

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During the 12 days of hot rods I presented to you:

12 Ford T-buckets
11 Lords a lowridin’
10 Shakers-shakin’
9 Biting Barracudas
8 V8s a purrin’
(Thirty)7 Black Swans a swimming
6 Flames
5 Gold Rims!
4 Wheel Drive
3 Corvettes
2 Firebirds
and a Mustang GT!

[Click the individual links to get a closer look at each one.]

Merry Christmas!


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