Antique cars

When it feels like a Monday…

Curiosities happen to show up at Auto Shows that don’t fall in the “cruise in” category. Like this

1937 Sayers & Scovill hearse

1937 Sayers & Scoville hearse - 2 1937 Sayers & Scoville hearse - 1

Sayers & Scovill (S&S Coach Co.) have been in business since before the automobile, building hearses since 1876. They’ll keep it up long after you and I are dead, I suppose.


An older couple, both friends of mine, were out and about and were excited to show a picture of an old car they saw in a church parking lot:
Hearse at the Temple

Of course they were astonished that I already knew about the car and shared every detail I learned from the car show including who the owner was. I did still their thunder a little bit. They did get the prettier picture!

Apparently they had also seen an old white Packard there as well (future post) but never got a picture. I showed them mine. “That’s the same car!”  Yeah. Same owner as the hearse. 🙂

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