Car Show Spotlights / Thursday Threesome

The SRT-4 in threes

The SRT-4 gets little appreciation. However, this trio of Neon’s knew that strength in numbers helps at the UVU Auto show.

Dodge SRT-4


The Street & Racing Technology (SRT) division of Chrysler was given the challenge to develop a sporty compact that would appeal to the tuner car crowd that was starting to emerge and later inspire the film The Fast & The Furious. Although the division is more acknowledged for the SRT-10 found in the Viper and the SRT-8 badge on many of their sedans, the SRT-4 cylinder just didn’t take off. The Neon SRT would come to an end after just two model years. Perhaps it had something to do with the public perception of the Dodge Neon. The Neon was already seen as a non-masculine compact car, and that reputation had already been in place for seven years before the SRT could get a hold of it.

The Dodge Neon was replaced with the Caliber, and more recently the Dart has taken its place in Dodge’s compact segment. We can only hope and pray that Chrysler will take advantage of the Dart reputation and that the SRT-4 will find itself a new donor.

Dodge Dart SRT-4 Anyone?

UPDATEIt’s coming in 2016-7!


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