Car Show Spotlights

Saturday Spotlight: 1964 Ford Falcon Futura

falcon emblemThe Ford Falcon was a natural success from the get go, and the Ford Motor Co. offered multiple body styles and trims to cater to the eager public. The top of the line trim level was called “Futura.” Today’s spotlight car is a 1964 coupe. This was a treat to see since that was the year the “Sprint” trim was introduced to lure in buyers who might not want the new Mustang but still wanted the same performance parts and familiar badge name of Falcon.

Of course the Mustang was received with open arms by Ford buyers, and the Falcon Sprint trim was discontinued in 1965. In fact, so serious a blow did the sibling give the Falcon, that the next generation model of Falcon introduced in 1966 saw a huge drop in available body styles and options.

front left

Although the Mustang could be seen as responsible for the demise of the Falcon, the development of the Falcon is sometimes thought to be the product of a market strategy (compact cars) that led to the demise of the struggling auto marques outside the Big Three (Ford, GM, and Chrysler.) You could say the Falcon helped put the final nail in the coffin of such brands as Nash, Hudson, DeSoto, and Packard.

This car also had a pretty cool airbrushed Falcon on the side.

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