Car Show Spotlights

Saturday Spotlight: 1960 Rambler American

The Rambler was introduced in 1950 by Nash Motors, a division of Nash-Kelvinator Corp. They produced it from 1950 until 1954, when in May of that year Nash-Kelvinator would merge with Hudson to form American Motors Corporation (AMC).

American trim emblem

The Rambler has a distinction among automobiles of being a model that was reintroduced successfully under a different manufacturer. It is also accredited with introducing America to the modern compact car.

AMC Rambler, Nash Rambler, Rambler American. It can get confusing.Rambler emblem

This was the era when the last of the car manufacturers that didn’t incorporate into the Big Three (GM, Ford, or Chrysler) would slowly fade out.

So now our feature vehicle: 1960 Rambler American

front left

Such an impact had this little car on American pop culture, it even got its own little song:

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