Wishlist Wednesday

Cars I’d like to drive, but not own #10

#10 Audi R8

2006 Audi R8 In Silver

The final entry on this list. Sure I could think of more cars, but in the end I’d only be wishing.

Why I want to drive this car:

It’s a supercar. I’ve included others on the list, including the Lamborghini and Ferrari, but this one is actually within grasp. At least this is one that is under the $200,000 bar. In fact, there are two advertised locally for just $110,000. But sticker price isn’t why I want to drive this car.

The R8 has a 5.2 liter V10 engine putting out 500+ brake horsepower. You can have a 6 speed manual or 6 speed R-tronic automatic transmission. The car has beautiful lines and shape. The sound is amazing! Check out a quick clip:



Being a top of the line Audi, it also has a gorgeous interior. German engineering still maintains its prestige with this example.


Why I wouldn’t own one:

I don’t have the cash for the sticker price, or the insurance, or the repair bills. Other than that, I’d own one in a heartbeat.

Sure, it only has two seats and a tiny cargo space meaning it doesn’t pass the “grocery bags” and “more than one friend” tests, but I don’t care. This is the car I’d have on this list. The last is the first. That’s the surprise I promised.

I would drive this everyday to work. I’d be okay taking this to the grocery store (I wouldn’t shop at Walmart) or to church on Sunday. I’m not concerned about hauling friends in this car, because I’d rather have a single, pretty lady sitting in the passenger seat.

One Man. One Driver. One Car.

Only catch the last entry? Next week I’ll post my whole list so you can start back at #1.

What did you think of the list?
Is there a car you’d like to drive but not own?
Share with us in the comments.

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