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Freedom Vehicles Association – 2015 UVU Auto Expo exhibit

As I mentioned in my report of the UVU Auto Expo, I met the rep for the Freedom Vehicles Association. He shared their mission and talked a bit about the exhibit they set up. Our conversation was dominated by the M37 and trailing M101A1 they had on display.

m37 and trailer

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know that the M37 is a truck that I’d love to spend at least five minutes behind the wheel. Naturally, the rep enjoyed our conversation and my inquisitiveness. We talked about upcoming events for the organization, which included their participation in Provo’s Freedom Festival during the Fourth of July weekend. He even so much as hinted at an opportunity to drive the truck, which was his, if I caught up with him during the festivities. That’s definitely something worth pursuing!

There were some additional really cool vehicles that drew my attention more than the weapons display in the tent. Obviously this huge vehicle, a M923A2, had a King of the Hill presence.

1991 BMY Harsco M923A2

There was also a cool ambulance, a 1962 Dodge M43, which reminded me of the TV show M*A*S*H:

There were some older World War I vehicles as well. Here we have a Dodge Brothers staff car and ambulance:

Of course there is always a military jeep, a Willys Jeep MB:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would like to show your kids the types of vehicles used to ensure our freedoms and used by those whom we remember on this Memorial Day, be sure to check out their website in the link at the beginning or by clicking on the banner below:



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