Wishlist Wednesday

Cars I’d like to drive, but not own #9

#9 Pro-Touring 1972 Chevrolet Nova


What? You haven’t heard of Pro-Touring?

Pro-Touring is a style of classic muscle car with enhanced suspension components, brake system, drivetrain, and aesthetics, including many of the amenities of a new performance car. It’s really not that far from resto-mod (modified restoration), but pro-touring is a term/classification used in competitive racing of muscle cars.

Why I’d drive one:

Almost every American car guy dreams of owning and driving a muscle car. This variation is perhaps the best of the bunch. Many European ‘petrol-heads’ criticize the muscle car as a vehicle that is only fast in a straight line. With the pro-touring mods, these vehicles can actually take a corner! Performance and Power, a sweet pair.

I am also particularly fond of the Nova. I grew up in a Chevy family, so my allegiance is clear. Actually, I remember my uncle having a Nova that he was selling when I was just knee high. I loved the shape and styling. The power packed into its pint-sized body helped it hold its own against the larger pony cars.

As this is also one of many cars that is popularly customized, I’ve also planned the customization of my own version. A paint scheme and interior inspired by the MA-1 bomber jacket, an LS engine swap, and a chip on its shoulder with “BMW M5” carved on it.

Why I wouldn’t own one:

You’d think with the effort I put into planning out my own build, that I’d be all in. Remember that this list is for one car ownership. There are plenty of stories of grandma’s having one of these, so there’s plenty of room for groceries and her bridge partners. So, why not?

Because it’s a muscle car. Strange answer, right?

Well, consider how many flashing red and blue lights you’d see, justified or not. Consider the insurance premiums on this mid-life crisis. The major thing that would keep me from driving this car sensibly is the very thing which draws me to it. This is a big boy toy.

Grandma would drive this one as an owner’s car. I’d drive it like a race car.


The last entry on the list holds a surprise. Look for it.

I’ll also post a summary list for those who missed out on the beginning.


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