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2015 UVU Auto Expo

Well I made it to one of the big shows I wanted to catch this month.

Unfortunately, so did the rain clouds.
Fortunately, it was only a sprinkle every now and then.

I think this did reduce the number of cars that showed up, and the convertibles had their tops mostly up, most of the time. I’ll be adding the collection of photos (some 200 cars) to the rounds of Car Show Candids.

UVU Auto School drag car

As this event is a fundraising event for the Utah Valley University’s Automotive Training Programs, the show had to go on, rain or shine. This event was much different from the big Cruise-In in Logan, Utah, last fourth of July in that there were designated areas for cars instead of a designated midway for food vendors.

The gorgeous Electric Park at Thanksgiving Point was a great venue. The centrally located pavilion was great for presenting awards and gate prizes and providing seating for stuffing down food throughout the day or breaks from the misting rain. I especially liked the rolling hill nature of the grounds as this provided some interesting camera angles for these beautiful cars. Car clubs were given designated areas and private collections as well set up displays.

One group was especially interesting to me, the Freedom Vehicles Association. This is a group of military vehicle owners with the mission of sharing with kids the experience of seeing big military vehicles used through different wars. I’ll do a feature on their exhibit as well. Oh, and the guy offered me a chance to drive an M37 at a later calendar event that he had on display!

Meanwhile here’s a teaser video of one of the cars seen at the show:


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