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Cars I’d like to drive but not own #6

#6 The DeLorean DMC-12

delorean dmc-12

No. Not the film version of the car with a Mr. Fusion sticking out the rear engine compartment. Although it did have some cool ground effect lights and such on it. The example in this picture has an updated side trim piece which I think gives a slightly updated look for this 30 year old vehicle.

Why I’d drive one:

The DMC-12 has celebrity status. Even I noticed it when I spotted one locally. The infamy of its financing woes and alleged cocaine scandal combined with its Hollywood appearance in a blockbuster are seals on its Certificate of Distinguishment. This is a car that was designed by the guy that brought us Lotus and production was managed by those that had Aston Martin on their personal resumes. This car had great personnel working for it besides John DeLorean.

This was also a mid-engined, manual transmission car with gull wings! Owners of this car have a tight knit community of fellow stainless steel drivers. The vision of bringing a performance RMR car to the layman’s price range is a venture few have undertaken and gotten as close as the father of the muscle car. It was an ambitious car.

Why I wouldn’t own one:

Although I’ve seen modified examples with electric engines or LS engine swaps, the truth remains. This car failed in the performance department. Even with a new private car company restoring examples and providing parts and supplies to owners, the car still costs around $50k for a low mileage listing dipping down to $30k for a higher mileage car. As with many fans of the car, I’d actually love to see a new model version of the DMC-12, but John DeLorean’s estate holders are unrelenting in releasing the original DeLorean Motor Company without a high price figure. There are modern kit cars that provide a RMR car with better performance and pricing.

Case in point: a Bricklin SV-1 can be had for less than $18k.

bricklin sv-1

Check out this video about the modern refurbishing company (DMC) that has a warehouse in Texas and four other dealers across the US.


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