Wishlist Wednesday

Cars I’d like to drive but not own #5

I’ve reached the middle of my list and have noticed that the middle of the pack is filled with movie cars. Bear with me.

#5 Ferrari 308 GTS


I chose a silver one because a red Ferrari is too cliché. Unless of course the car comes with a number plate that reads ROBIN1.

Why I’d drive one:

Hello! It’s a Ferrari! If I had a killer mustache, a Detroit Lions baseball cap, and an open road on Oahu, I’d be transported back to the Kamehameha Club. Sadly, I must only consider having just the car.

This particular car has a good power to weight ratio, but it’s not a monster by today’s standard of 600+ hp hypercars that gets scary squirrely if you don’t know how to handle the machine. If the car has been properly maintained, this is a great driver’s car as exhibited on the TV show which extended the fame of this model. This car is now in the classic car category being more than 25 years old, and that adds to the desirability.

Why I wouldn’t want to own it:

I feel like a broken record about the sports car not being an owner’s car due to it’s lack of everyday tasks, like picking up groceries, driving more than one friend, and so on. Another draw back is that this car has reached collectible status. That would mean worries about bystanders getting too close as they draw near to admire your machine. I’m also not that big a fan of Ferrari. I’m not a hater, as many car lovers are often compelled to have a love or hate relationship with Ferrari’s. There is a persona that follows owners of Ferrari’s though, and I don’t think I fit that persona. Cars have to match their owners. I could pretend for a day.

2 thoughts on “Cars I’d like to drive but not own #5

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