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Cars I’d like to drive but not own #4

#4 Vintage Era car


1927 Chevrolet Superior Open Tourer

First, what is a Vintage Era car?

This will take a moment of instruction about antique cars. Labels of cars that are pushing the 100 year old mark before the 100,000 mile mark can be confusing without some basic car history knowledge.

Cars built before World War I (or 1920) are referred to as Brass Era cars because at that time many machine parts were often made with brass. From WWI to the Great Depression (or 1919 to 1930) is known as the Vintage Era for cars as the automobile was finally reaching the common man and vrooming down crude roads. Antique often refers to any car built before WWII (or pre-1940.)

Why I’d drive one:

Having this car would guarantee invitations to car shows and parades, and maybe even loaned out to a movie set! The model I chose for the picture is a personal preference because 1) I like Chevrolet 2) I like the open top models for cruising on beautiful days down scenic roads. I’ve said many times before that cars have a bit of romanticism in them, meaning that there are memories and daydreams and sensations of freedom as you roll down the road. Antique cars have them in spades. A well kept version anyway.

Why I wouldn’t own it:

These cars are getting rare as parts begin to wear, with replacement parts hard to find and corresponding mechanics. Often the owner is the expert on how the machine works, but that’s how it was back in the early days of automobiling. You have to be willing to invest not just money but time as these are very hands-on cars. I actually would enjoy the commitment to an antique car, however it wouldn’t be my daily driver and thus not an ‘owner’ car. To be an owner car, the vehicle must be considered from the standpoint of being your only vehicle.

With today’s traffic and driving demands, this car would soon become irritating as you would want to hurry to appointments with a car that barely has half the oomph of a modern sedan that’s also often half the size or weight. This car is really about the experience of being behind the wheel and forgetting about every day cares. It’s a vacation car, not a modern day worker’s car.

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