On The Street

The Dawning of an era for Chevrolet

1955 Corvette

I am seriously kicking myself for not stopping to get a better picture.

I was headed to the nearby emissions testing facility to do the preliminary paperwork to renew the registration for my car when I drove by the Auto Glass & Trim shop a block away from work. I parked and snapped a quick pic with my phone and told myself, “It’ll be quick. I’ll come back and ask to get a better picture.” When I returned, the car was gone. 😦

I can only hope that they are going to do some work on it this week, and I’ll get another chance to see this 1955 Chevrolet Corvette again. I should have just went in and asked about the car. I presume this is a ’55 because the rare 1953 models (there are only 300 of those) wouldn’t be sitting out like this. So, it’s a 1954 or 1955. 1955 had higher production numbers and featured the first V8 engine for the Corvette, so it has the better chance of being correct. In 1956, Corvette was restyled and featured the distinctive side coves, which is my favorite styling for the C1.

#@%*! Seriously, I should have used the same thinking as when I saw the i8. This one is way more cool than that.


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