Wishlist Wednesday

Cars I’d like to drive, but not own #1

I was re-reading my older posts about the cars I wanted over the last few years, and I began wondering what my dream cars would be and such. I enjoy searching the online car listings to see what people are parting with. I began considering “what would be cool to drive but I wouldn’t want to hold onto?” I could see myself driving a car around for a couple of weeks for show or special occasions, but eventually the flash fades or the special occasions are too rare that you see it parked as you pull away in your real daily driver. So this wishlist is a list of the top ten choices. I’ll present one a week.
NOTE: They are not listed in preference, just the order they came to mind.

#1 Dodge M37

m37Let’s get the truck choice out of the way now. Sure, I have an old Chevy already, but this is an old military truck that makes for a fun 4×4 vehicle. Perhaps not the best 4×4 vehicle, but because of surplus availability and nostalgia many have picked them up and gone out in the woods and back to the glory days. The M37 was a replacement for the WWII vehicles you may have seen in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or other period films, and they saw a lot of service during the Korean War and some of the Vietnam Conflict.

Why I’d drive it:

I would love to have a vehicle that is rugged and tough. Nothing says that like an old military truck that was driven into war. Those boys with their new Ford F-250s with 6″ lifts and big Swamper tires only aspire to what the military use on the battlefield. You can also drive this down the street and get looks and waves. You will get noticed! It’s a 3/4 ton truck, so it’s not too huge that finding a parking space is any harder than driving a redneck truck.

Seriously though, this is the truck that berthed the civilian equivalent known as the “Power Wagon”, a favorite among truck aficionados. It has a lot of heritage, and I am partial to old trucks and cars from the fifties.

Why I wouldn’t own one:

I guess if I had the space to park this and pull it out every now and then for back country adventures and parades, I’d have it. However, this isn’t a daily driver. The cab isn’t enclosed or well heated (except from what heat comes off the engine and space heater), which makes this unreasonable for regular winter driving. I still like my comfort. Another issue is that the truck is geared low for off road use. Top speed is 55 mph. Not really suitable for modern highway travel.

Wouldn’t you want to grab your shorts, fins, and snorkel so you can take your truck swimming?


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