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The Future of Top Gear UK

It was announced officially today that Jeremy Clarkson has been dismissed from the famous show. Fans everywhere are going to be split about the imminent changes. Perhaps the largest looming question now is, “What do you do with the most viewed TV show with your lead presenter gone?”

I have a 3 part suggestion about how to move forward. Bur first, as a foundation for this plan, I take as standard the following assumptions:

  1. topgeartrioJames May and Richard Hammond will also bow out and not renew their contracts.
  2. The BBC will want to continue having a UK show since there are several regional versions of the show across the world, e.g. Top Gear USA, Top Gear Australia, Top Gear Korea, etc.
  3. Jeremy Clarkson most likely has financial interest in the show through creative rights or some sort of stocks option. Therefore, he will not want to start a show that would compete with Top Gear. There may even be a contractual stipulation that follows that line of thought.

The BBC’s director general, Tony Hall, had the tough job of telling everyone in a press release pretty much what we already knew was going to happen. Jeremy is no longer employed by the BBC, and Kim Shillinglaw will determine what to do about the final shows of the current series and how to proceed with any future series. Let me give her three suggestions.

  1. The final episodes of the series are not going to go forward without Jezza, Captain Slow, and Hamster at the airplane hanger. So why not let the presenters from the other franchises, broadcasting from their home studios, introduce the film segments already in the can as homage to the show that created theirs? It would be a great send off for the original trio.
  2. Series 23 (or start with 1 again) is most likely not going to happen in its traditional format. Take this opportunity to televise the Top Gear Live shows in place of the regular show. For each live show, tryout new presenters! Some will only do one show; others will be interested in carrying on at the next location. Nothing brings a new trio together like doing a show on the road. There you will find the presenters for the next 20+ series.stig
  3. You know that guy in the white racing suit? They call him “The Stig.” Now is the time to spot light him. The icon of Top Gear. After all he is listed as a presenter, and we all know the body in the suit has changed more than once over the years. Use that as inspiration.

It was really just a matter of time before these guys would have retired from the show; it’s sad that this is the reason for an early end. 12 years is a long run.

What would you like to see in a Top Gear reboot? Comment below.

One thought on “The Future of Top Gear UK

  1. Doesn’t matter what they do to restart the show as I will not be watching it.They have already tried many variants of the show but without Jeremy thay all fail as it is him people watch the show for. I shall watch with interest to see what he does next as that is the inportant thing


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