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Why a Man should have a Garage

one car garage

The garage is man’s territory, unless she got the house, then it becomes a storage unit.

Okay. I’m not sexist. I know a handful of gals that love wrenching on the family car more than their “I don’t know how to check the oil” husbands. I’m traditional. That also doesn’t mean the woman’s place is in the kitchen right next to the sink full of dirty dishes. Enough about women.

Men are often creatures of solitude. They’ll have a “I can do that myself” attitude. So when they come home from work, where do they go? A room by themselves. On a casual Saturday, where will he be found? If you have a nice house, you might have a den, a rec room, or a personal office, however that doesn’t apply to all men or all houses.

In a search for manliness, he retreats to the garage. Retreat? Manliness? The message here is that in many homes a woman plays the role of homemaker and spends the majority of her time in the abode. She’ll make it comfortable and livable for the entire family. Sometimes she even makes a hiding place of her own when the children are there and she wants some space from the munchkins; a craft room, a sewing room, the bathroom. It’s not unusual for a parent to want a room to call their own. The man must have one himself. The easiest room to plant his flag in is in the garage.

The garage is a wonderful place for a guy because the stereotypical ‘guy things’ are easily stored here. Most manly men like cars, tools, woodworking, and collecting big boy toys. The all season comfort of the garage (a man will put on a jacket if it’s not heated) is where a man can work on his car. It’s difficult changing the oil in the snow in a gravel driveway. Plan accordingly. The garage was intended for a car. It should spend as much time there as you spend in your bedroom.

Now, I don’t like it when men convert their garages into a personal entertainment room. If you want one of those, get a house with more rooms! Rec room, den, remember? The garage is a work space. You can pound and bang and let loose a four letter word from time to time without upsetting the Mrs. or teaching the little ones new vocabulary. This is also a place where a dad can take his son and bond and teach him in the ways of manhood. Sometimes, daddy’s little girl tags along as well. Moms like to place the burden of watching the children squarely on father’s shoulders, so she can do her own retreating. A happy wife leads to a happy life.

Once you’ve claimed your domain, be advised:

This is not a storage unit. Do not become a hoarder!


There should be work tables, cabinets, peg boards for tools. You should have room to stand and swing a hammer or pull the car in and crawl underneath it.

Garage-Side2Now I agree that not all men like to work on cars, otherwise mechanics would be out of business. Perhaps, you want space to repair the broken leg on a chair or build your own kitchen cabinets from scratch. This is your creativity workshop. Stock it with the things you’ll need for your hobby. Just leave room to park the car overnight during the winter season.

This directive seems contrary to the given expectation that a garage is just a place to stow things nearby but not in the house. The line between having a lot of stuff and being a hoarder is a blurry one. If you can’t stash all your stuff within your home, you may have one of two problems: too small of housing accommodations or too much stuff. You’ll need to decide that for yourself. Same as deciding that if your situation doesn’t allow you to have a garage, then what course of action you’ll take to stake your claim on man’s rightful territory.

Tomorrow: What do you do if you don’t have a garage?

Do you wish you had a garage? Have a different opinion about garages? Share in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “Why a Man should have a Garage

  1. It’s important that anyone have a place to retreat. But I wouldn’t be so quick to label them a man or a woman’s specific spot. Plenty of manly men find their comfort zone in the kitchen 🙂
    Thank you for tossing your hat into the ring at the Party Under The Big Top! I hope to see you again next week!


  2. I am soooo going to have my husband, Kenny, read this blog post! Ever since he moved into our house, formerly known as my house, the garage is jam packed full of… Well the only way to truly describe it is crap! Once upon a time we were able to park not one but two vehicles in the garage and still have plenty of room to move about. All of the said “crap” belongs to him, for the most part, and I have tried to reason with him that IT NEEDS TO GO NOW! But despite my “reasoning tactics” he always says, “We’ll have one more garage sale…” Maybe if he reads this he’ll FINALLY realize that it has become more than “borderline hoarding” at this point!

    Great post by the way! I’m rather old fashioned myself and believe that there are man things and woman things but with that being said I’ve always worked on my own vehicles too! 😉 Nothing like baking cookies in the oven while you are helping your man drop a new engine in the truck! (True story too!) 😉

    I’m so thrilled that you stopped by the #BigTopBlogParty this week and want to thank you for linking up with us as well! I sure hope you’ll stop by again for the next Party Under the Big Top… As a reminder, we go LIVE every Tuesday morning at 12:00 a.m. EST!

    Wishing you a fabulous week!

    Much love,

    Lysa xx
    Welcome to My Circus

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