On The Street

M35 Military Truck

IMG_20150215_150951Another strange siting on the way to church.

This time I was traveling to a regional church meeting. On the way a few blocks from the meeting house, I saw this beast. I’m not sure why it was parked there of all places, but I can’t explain every siting. I swung by to snap these photos afterwards. It’s a regular residential area. I don’t reckon they drove it to church or drive it to work everyday. Maybe someone was really excited about getting leave.

Seeing this truck reminds me that I recently finished The Enemy from the Reacher stories I mentioned in a previous post. I should also revisit the topics of One Man survival. In this novel Jack Reacher is still an MP and has to solve a curious death of a 1-star general dead in a hotel 200 miles from base. One body leads to another. It was better than the first novel I read.

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