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The BMW i8

bmw i8 - 2I truly get lucky sometimes. No, I didn’t get this for Christmas.

Since I spotted the 51 Cranbrook, I’ve been more conscientious of the vehicles parked within view of the roadway without sacrificing driving safety. I literally drove right past this car, immediately went around the block and parked to get pictures. I didn’t even question whether I was going to be late to my original destination. Granted, I was just going to the public library to pick up a couple books on CD for the road trip home for Christmas, so no time crunch there.

The location of the vehicle makes perfect sense, since it was parked outside Zions Bank in Provo. The large new tower houses business spaces on the upper floors where obviously someone with some cash $$$ also has a new BMW i8.

bmw i8 - 3

The i8 is a welcome electric supercar; maybe not supercar. How about electric sports car! To be honest, I don’t like all the hubbub of Tesla motors, even though I consider myself a Made in USA guy. Automotive brands are international. I just want to see the ‘big brands’ do something with electric vehicles, or in this case electric hybrids. The Porsche 918, the McLaren P1, and the LaFerrari is a clear sign that they’ve taken the hint, even though the general public won’t be regularly spotting these at the grocery store or in the church parking lot anytime soon. Maybe just outside the bank.

The BMW i8 is advertised as having a 228 hp turbocharged 3-cylinder engine paired with a 129 hp electric motor for a combined 357 hp and 420 ft-lbs of torque. The 2015 model lists for $136,000. Only 500 are made each year. I really am lucky to have seen this on the street!

bmw i8 - 1

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