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1951 Plymouth Cranbrook

1951 Plymouth CranbrookThis beauty was a pleasure to catch on my drive between errands. It stood out like any 60 year old car would. I naturally pulled in the parking lot I spied it in to snag a picture. After returning home, I had to do some research to find out what the year and model is.

The Plymouth Cranbrook was the top of the line model among the Cambridge and Concord for 1951. An interesting model designation is used by Chrysler Corp during their early years. This particular vehicle is a P-23.

The P stands for Plymouth.  C would mean a Chrysler, and a D for Dodge. Remember that DeSoto was a subdivision of Chrysler, so they would have a Chrysler designation.

The 23 stands for the model number, meaning this is the 23rd series in that car style. Not all cars changed every year, and sometimes a new model would come out mid-year. This made it difficult to use a model year designation. Eventually the surviving Big Three would settle on a standard.

1951 Plymouth Cranbook 2


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