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The Phaeton

Cache Valley Cruise In logoI recently went to the Cache Valley Cruise-In held in Logan, Utah, at the local fairgrounds. There were a lot of cars that I got pictures of and a lot I didn’t.

In this post I wanted to talk about the Phaeton. I saw a lot of the older vehicles with this word in the model description. I didn’t know what distinguishes a “phaeton” model.

From what I learned the term phaeton is related to the sporty, open carriages.  Phaeton comes from Greek mythology, the son of Helios the son god. In automobile vernacular it was a model of carriage that allowed you to see the sun and moon. Perhaps the original sunroof/moonroof?

phaeton carriage

The first automobiles were manufactured very differently than today’s selection. The first auto makers began with a frame, cowl, and engine, with the engine being the technical marvel and premier marketed feature. A buyer would then send the purchase to a coach builder who would construct the remainder of your 20th century marvel. Naturally names and styles of carriages carried over to the horseless carriage.

I actually like the open cockpit feel of these cars. The phaeton had a sporty appeal. Could it have been the predecessor to the sporty roadster? I don’t know. You’ll have to ask Sully, if you can catch him in this example below.

1929 Ford Model A Phaeton

1929 Ford Model A


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