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Road trip pics

IMG_0727I don’t encourage people to take pictures while driving at freeway speeds, but here I am doing it.

I don’t often get a two for one chance like this. We have here a Chevy K20 truck hauling what looks like a Ford Ranchero project car. With a little research I found it to be an early 60’s Ford Falcon Ranchero.

On the return trip home I saw this truck at the Snake River Convenience store gas station at the Highway 26 exit in Blackfoot, ID. This is another glamour truck, a 1970 Chevy dually.IMG_0728

In case anyone is wondering, I refer to the 1967-1972 Chevy trucks  (second generation C/K trucks) as Glamour Trucks because they are the most desirable ready-to-drive trucks among the earlier model Chevy pickups.

Share your story about the coolest car you’ve seen on a road trip in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Road trip pics

  1. Did you ever see the Banana Car in Cheney? It was over off of one of the side streets. It was old fashioned and bright yellow! Also good ‘ol Roy and his green pick up he had restored. Those are probably some of the coolest cars I have seen. You should check out my Uncle Mike’s website. He takes pictures of old cars, you would probably get a kick out of it. http://www.automotive-photography.net/


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